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What's a lender credit?

What's your rate on a 30 yr fixed?

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See how we compare to other rates in the market today.

Thanks to Low Rate Co., there is now a better way to buy or refinance a home. With us in your corner, you can get a low rate mortgage, save money, and avoid falling victim to thousands in fees and commission expenses.

How our low rate model works!

Low Rate Co. works on a 0% commission model. This means we cut out the middlemen as well as the commission and fees that come with.

Instant Approval

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New Home Purchases

Ever wonder why it takes mortgage companies days, weeks or even months to approve you to buy a home? Tired of waiting around to hear back from a busy sales person on the status of your loan while the homes you love are being taken by buyers who are already approved?

If you want to buy a home and want to know exactly what qualify for in minutes, click the link below.

Existing Home Refinances

“Rates are dropping and you can save money”, when you hear news like this mortgage companies get so busy that it takes months to approve you for a lower payment, and by the time you apply you might miss the boat.

If you want to get approved to lower your payments in as fast as 5 minutes, click the link below.

Cash-Out Refinances

Ever wonder why it takes mortgage companies months to approve you to get cash out of your home? Are you sick and tired of submitting endless amount of documents, then waiting on a busy sales person to let you know IF you can even get any cash at all?

If you want to buy get approved for cash out in as fast as 5 minutes, click the link below.

Are you ready to take advantage of the nation’s lowest home loan interest rates?
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You can get a mortgage or you can get a low rate.

Remember, Low Rate Co. consistently beats the rates offered at national banks by 0.5% to 0.75% or more.
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Compare Rates

See how Low Rate Co. compares to other rates in the market today.

Rates below are for a 15-year fixed mortgage loan.

Low Rate Co.


2.16% APR

National Bank Average


2.59% APR

Bankrate Average


2.650% APR

Buying a home is a big decision, finding a Low Rate mortgage should be hassle-free

Traditional Banks used to be the go-to when buying or refinancing your home, that could take a lot of time, research, and could be very costly. Low Rate Co. dismantled the old mortgage infrastructure to give you access to the lowest available market rates with fewer hurdles. Here’s how:

We Say Yes!

We have loans for first-timers, seasoned property investors, military veterans, and families who need to keep cash on hand. Whatever your mortgage needs are, Low Rate co. will find the right option at the lowest price.

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Tell us about your home ownership goals and where you are in the process of buying or refinancing so we can give you a lower rate offer.

Instant Approval

Why does it take most lenders and banks weeks to let you know if you're approved? Apply with us now and we'll approve you in minutes. You will know your rate, payment, and terms, and save time and money.

Low Rate Mortgages

Over the last decade, countless purchasing processes have become more efficient and less complex. If you want, you can order items from your favorite eCommerce store and get your hands on them the very next day. You can even buy a car online and have it delivered straight to your door.

Despite these advancements, the process of obtaining a mortgage has remained extremely tedious, stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. When getting a mortgage or refinancing your home, you must contend with rapidly fluctuating rates, exorbitant sales fees, and a lack of transparency from your lender.

Or — at least — you used to.

The type of loan you choose is important, but working with the best lender will save you a lot of money! Don’t pay more for your mortgage than you need to.


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