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May 16, 2021

Common questions for selling your home

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Questions when Selling Your Home

Should I be present when buyers view my home?

At this point, most agents will pause, take a deep breath, and think of all the reasons why this is the worst idea possible. Having the seller present during an open house or showing off their property is almost always a bad idea. However, there are exceptions to this. Every once in a while it helps for the seller to be present during an open house or showing, especially, after weeks on the market without any offers, especially with a property that needs serious cosmetic or staging work, it might be helpful for the seller to attend the open house anonymously.

Are Open Houses important?

Open houses in real estate are a highly debated topic both by homeowners and also real estate professionals. Here are some key questions to consider when thinking about whether an open house is the best strategy for your home:

  • Does an open house logistically work for you?
  • How does the asking price factor into an open house?
  • How often should you hold an open house?
  • How can you keep your home safe and clean during an open house?
  • Do you need bells and whistles for an open house?
  • How can you prepare for an open house?

 What is an agent’s commission and is it negotiable?

If you hire a real estate agent to help you buy, sell, or rent a house, this professional gets paid through a real estate commission. Rather than getting paid hourly or weekly fees, most real estate agents earn money only when a real estate deal goes through. Commissions are always negotiable; that’s the law. A home seller can negotiate when they have a property that is move-in ready, updated, or high-end.

 When should I sell?

People’s reasons for selling their homes are different, as are their time frames. Still, there are some common reasons—financial and emotional—that lead us to sell our current home and move on to the next one. And you don’t always see the reasons coming.

Here are some telltale signs:

  • You know the seller’s market is booming and you want in.
  • If home buyers are making offers fast—for as much or more than sellers are asking—it’s a seller’s market.
  • You’re sick of feeling financially stressed.
  • You’ve grown—but your home hasn’t.

Selling your home is, above all, a personal decision. Do what will help you live—if not happily ever after—happily for now.

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